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Launch of the International Network of Silk Cities on the frindges of SILK IN LYON Festival

At the instigation of INTERSOIE, the French silk professional association, the City of Lyon and the Metropolis of Lyon, SILKYCITIES was launched on last November 2019, during the annual event of SILK IN LYON Festival.

A Signing Ceremony was officiated on November 21, in the presence of the elected representatives, representatives of the Professions and the invited Cities who wished to work together: Como for Italy, Valencia for Spain, Yokohama and Kyoto for Japan, Nanchong and Hangzhou for China, Curitiba and Londrina for Brazil, Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara for Uzbekistan, Tbilisi for Georgia…

In order to illustrate the involvment of the territory of Lyon and Metropolis in the orientations of the Silk Cities network, a programme of official visits was proposed to the foreign delegations:

  • The Silk in Lyon Festival,
  • the ITH entity of Holding Textile Hermès, where visitors discovered the tailoring of the famous “Carrés” and Hermès silk ties, the design creation and the specialized know-how in photoengraving patterns for textile printing.
  • The technologic Platefome Text’in – Lycée La Martinière Diderot
  • Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the Musée des tissus
Silk is a living material, Millenary, Timeless. SILKY CITIES aims to stimulate exchanges, activate collective intelligence concerning the material’s properties, encourage innovative applications and continue to share a premium vision of how it can be used.

Crédits photos: Jean-Jacques Raynal, Intersoie, Sylvain Pretto
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