A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S. Association Internationale des Utilisateurs de Fils de Filaments Artificiels et Synthétiques et de Soie naturelle

Who we are

What does AIUFFASS stand for?

1954: Foundation of AIUFFAS in Geneva as Association of Users of Synthetic and Artificial Filament Yarns.
1987: AIUFAS becomes AIUFFASS: a second “S” is added as the silk industry joins the association.

AIUFFASS is the representative body for the European Synthetic & the Artificial Filament industry as well as the Silk Industry.
The association represents, promotes and serves the interests of the European industrial users of those raw materials.
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WE REPRESENT the Silk industry

  • Silk is the queen of fibres and the European silk industry benefits from a prestigious image in the world.
  • Ambassadors of values such as design, culture, innovation, know-how and excellence, European silk manufacturers play a leadership role in fashion for all the textile industry.
20000 direct jobs
Silk Yarn Europe Importation From China
200 SMEs
Europe Production Silk
Silk Production Exportation
Textile Mill Consumption
Europe filament yarns production
Europe filament yarns exportation
Man-made fibers : Artificial
Man-made fibers : Synthetic

WE REPRESENT the man-made filament Industry

  • The European textile industry uses synthetic and artificial fibres for up to 60% of whole textile fibres.
  • The properties of Man Made Filament yarns (tenacity, flexibility, comfort, elastic character, resistance to corrosive chemicals, flammability, etc.) allows European manufacturers to innovate and create for a range of en-uses: Apparel, Household and Technical.

What we do

AIUFFASS aims to provide its members with specific services.

Representation of the sector at EU & International level

Acting as a key and strategic body, AIUFFASS serves it members common interests by:
  • Being a communication and information platform to discuss on issues of common concern.
  • Establishing contacts in close collaboration with EURATEX with the EU and International authorities.
  • Lobbying to solve the practical problems of strategic importance that arise in the European silk and filament sectors.
  • Communicating industry views on policy issues particularly international trade, industry, sustainability, quality, research and innovation
  • Promoting the use of the man-made filament yarn and natural silk.
  • Networking: establishing contacts, exchanging ideas and information between members, encouraging joint projects.
  • Providing information generally related to commercial policy, industry, foreign trade and statistics reports.
Whitout A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S our voice would ne too feeble to be heard.
Without A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S nobody would try to defend our sector.

Read more about our values and key objectives

Our organisation

AIUFFASS comprises 2 sections:

  • The Man-Made Filament section
This section groups together European weavers and twisters/texturizers of synthetic and artificial filament yarns as well as traders of those material.

  • The Silk section of AIUFFASS (SSA).
The Silk section groups together the European silk manufacturers (twisters, weavers, knitters,etc.) as well as silk yarn traders.

A very lean structure in direct contact with its Members

President of the AIUFFASS and President of the Man Made Filament Section (MMF) : Franco Ghiringhelli
President of the Silk Section of AIUFFASS (SSA) : Xavier Lepingle

Director General : Guido Tettamanti
General Secretary : Anne-Cécile Caschera
Président AIUFFASS
Franco Ghiringhelli
AIUFFASS President
Président Soie
Xavier Lepingle
President of Silk Section of AIUFFASS
Staff G Tettamanti
Guido Tettamanti
Director - General
Staff AC Caschera
Anne-Cécile Caschera

Our partners

AIUFFASS is a full member of EURATEX
EURATEX is the single body for the whole textile and clothing sector in Europe able to have a stronger and coordinated voice towards the European and International institutions.
AIUFFASS cooperates together with EURATEX to reinforce the industry’s lobby with EU policymakers.

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CIRFS, is the European Man-Made Fibres Association
Within its annual Congress, AIUFFASS organizes a joint meeting with CIRFS, which gathers the European suppliers of AIUFFASS man-made filament section members. The joint lobbying in tandem on specific common interest allows a long-felt added value for the members of both associations.

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Centro Tessile Serico
Centro Tessile Serico

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Intersoie France
Intersoie France

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PCI Fibres
PCI Fibres
PCI Fibres is the specialist consultancy to the fibres and related markets. A specialist from PCI Fibre usually attends the AIUFFASS Congress and speaks on the floor.

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Stazione Sperimentale per la Seta
Stazione Sperimentale per la Seta

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