A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S. Association Internationale des Utilisateurs de Fils de Filaments Artificiels et Synthétiques et de Soie naturelle

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Network of professional & business contacts

  • Take part in the A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S. annual congress and meetings
  • Widen your contacts with suppliers, customers, competitors, industrialists, experts

Market information & statistical trade data

  • Benefit from expert interventions at meetings and congress
  • Get access to regular information on extra EU import and export trade
  • Keep up-to-date on all changes affecting your business (technical standards, new obstacles to trade, European legislation, etc.)


  • Reinforce the textile industry’s lobbying with the European and International authorities.
  • Makeyour voice heard in Brussels on the issues affecting your business.

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