A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S. Association Internationale des Utilisateurs de Fils de Filaments Artificiels et Synthétiques et de Soie naturelle

Trade opportunities for an innovative European textile industry

Aiuffass President Franco Ghiringhelli attended on 18th October 2016 a breakfast event in the European Parliament organized by Euratex and 3 Members of the European Parliament (MEP): Tokia Saïfi (FR, PPE) replaced with Anne Sander (FR, PPE), Alessia Mosca (IT, S&D), Inmaculada Rodriguez (SP, S&D).The meeting successfully brought the image of an innovative and forward-looking sector. This was an opportunity to better connect the industry with MEP and the Commission (DG Trade and DG Grow units were present). The 3 industrialists from France, Italy and Spain conveyed the messages that the EU should take swift decisions for free trade deals in order to minimize the barriers, boost exports and sustain employment. They expressed their support to CETA and TTIP as well as their needs to access to growing markets. On this occasion, AIUFFASS President stressed that the modernization of rules of origin, in line with the current EU market structure, is vital for our industry, especially in the Paneuromed zone that has to be a win-win strategy.
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