A.I.U.F.F.A.S.S. Association Internationale des Utilisateurs de Fils de Filaments Artificiels et Synthétiques et de Soie naturelle

International Silk Seminar

"International trade is fundamental for the European silk industry"
Participation in International Silk Union (ISU). French and Italian silk manufacturers associations attended the ISU meeting and the International Silk Seminar on 13th -14th October in Hangzhou co-organized by Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and ISU.ISU is a new international association established in China one year ago.
Mr Xavier Lepingle (Intersoie President) and Mr Giuseppe Bianchi (Ufficio Italiano Seta President) stressed the importance of fair trade and genuine access to markets. “International trade is fundamental for the European silk industry”. Referring to Chinese requirements provided by G.B. standard, they ask Chinese authorities for “simplifying certification procedures in order to allow manufacturers to use European laboratories reports”.
They also pointed out “the fact that the respect of the environment is becoming a dogma for the consumers and it has a tremendous impact on the marketing approach of our customers, the brand names.” Convinced that the silk fibre lends itself on sustainability, they called for “improving international relations and collaboration among silk players in the world”. Mr. Silvio Faragò, representing Stazione Sperimentale per la Seta, introduced additional information about environmental sustainability.
Lastly, French technical commission President Jacques Poulenard recalled that “European manufacturers are highly demanding on high raw silk quality".
More information on: http://www.worldsilk.com.cn/english/
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